(Last Updated On: February 4, 2018)

War Robots Guide and Tips

I’m fully convinced that for a little time from today people wouldn’t fight on the war. They will use robots instead. That’s because there is a lot of going on in the technology world and everything will need to adjust. Wondering how it will feel to sit in the robot and actually be part of the war?
If the answer is yes, you will definitely need to play Walking War Robots!

This game has multiplayer for IOS and Android but of course, you will need a network connection for that play. In that moment you cant play this game offline, but that could be changed in the near future.
In the Walking War Robots, you wouldn’t meet any soldier at all. It is all everything about War Robots.


You can find several types of robots and of course, you need to get them for gold and platinum.
You may ask how to get war robots gold? It’s really simple, just play and win games and you will get the points you want. Every type of robot has his own style and weapons. There is literally everything you will need for the multiplayer game.

Gameplay is really simple and you wouldn’t have a hard time learning that game. When I was playing War Robots for the first time I thought that is the best game of all time! Seriously the controls schemes couldn’t be better optimized for mobile devices.

You can, of course, use little microtransactions in that game, but that’s not the pay2win stuff.
Yes, that will help you get better and stronger in no time but that game still requires skills.

Very useful video about 10 tips how to become a better player in Walking War Robots :

Here are some tips from several forums and sites :

1. You need to find every combination and know the range for every weapon you will use.
If you wouldn’t have an ammo in a mid of battle, you will be destroyed pretty soon.

2.You need to learn how to actually shoot, so you will save the more powerful weapons for hard fights.
Obviously, you don’t want to shoot your ammo into the wall.

war-robots-tips3. Always stay behind someone – that would save your health even you hurt your friends.

4. In every situation try to use obstacles to get a little advantage. If there is enemy hiding behind them, just use one of known tactics and outplay him smart. Smarter always wins!

5. First of all, you need to enable “Lock on target” on the menu. That will help you get more kills in the game.

6. If you are fighting with two or more people, always try to get one behind the other. They cant fire through teammates.

7. Before the game begins always check for useful places and who is a nervous player. Make this timer actually helping.