(Last Updated On: February 5, 2018)

Best Games for Android 2018 Part 1

1. Bladebound

First game in our summary of games is from Artifex Mundi studio. They were known before for casual RPG games with many hidden objects. Bladebound is a great copy of Diablo and many other similar projects. This is not originally game but its still great with gameplay. In the game, we have colourful graphics and play focused on fighting with many of the enemies. The game offers long solo campaign and wonderful multiplayer PVP. Just be careful, that game might get you on a long time!

2. Dragon Hills 2

In our review, there is also a place for Dragon Hills 2. The game produced in Rebel Twins studio and this is the second part of the great arcade. In the game we okay as a little girl on a big dragon. Sadly he doesn’t have wings to fly but strong skin so he is able to move under the ground and jump like a crazy. All we have to do is controlling every jump to eliminate the most of the enemies. Sometimes we can use several machines like mechs and trains. The game itself is really easy to play and everyone can be a champion in it.
The second part got also better graphics and have a better fabular line.

3. Cat Quest

Cat Quest is an RPG game with the open world which gets the inspiration from The Legend of Zelda.
The plot is kinda comedic and satiric because it gets everything from all Role Play Games and putting it as a funny thing. In the game, we will play as a Cat which has to do many of the quests and will have many adventurous trips. We can travel in a ship and also use a normal land. The game offers 2D and 3D graphics combined and it gives a feeling we explore something really dangerous. Cat Quest is a pretty great game with many things to do in the open world. We recommend it to everyone who likes RPG games.

4. Super Mario Run

Super Mario Rim is an essential production from Nintendo studio. Its moved version from the Wii consoles to Android devices. The game itself is a runner and all we need to do is to jump over the obstacles. There are really many and short levels so it cant be boring for a long play.

5. Framed 2

Framed 2 is a great second part of the game which was one of the best games in 2014. The project still sticks to simple solutions from the first part. Again we get a really great logic game where we have many of missions. This game might be not modified that much comparing the first sequel but still playing that is really giving fun.

6. Morphite

Morphite is the minimalistic version of game No Man’s Sky. In the game, we play as women exploring galactic to find various minerals. Every part of the game is great and levels are perfectly designed in galaxy climate. We fight against several enemies as we used to in many FPS games.