About Us

We are a group of people which enjoy reading about games. As you may know, we also like to write about them too.

Let’s start with our leader :

Jason_War_Robots_TeamJason is a 23 years old IT student who likes games ( obviously ) and he also likes helping people. He is building communities since he was 14 years old.

So from the beginning has the main goal was to help other people feel better.

If you noticed we have Privacy Policy and he is the man behind that.



Our next teammate:

Ronald_War_Robots_TeamRonald is mainly doing all the website designs and coding side of your communities. He also likes cycling and traveling.

He is also passionate about photography and he is the man behind our great team photos.

He is the guy in the front and you should know he is also passionate about cycling managers.





Also solid player of our team :

Craig_War_Robots_TeamCraig is 30 years old and he is the one responsible for your customer support. His main hobby is car racing and car drifting.

As you can see on the photo he likes to drive small cars and turn them into beasts. Nowadays he is a big fan of Colin McRae Rally series.

If you have any questions regarding car mechanics or driving simulator you can contact him also via Contact Us.



Our Seo guy :

Jared_War_Robots_TeamJared is 25 years old and he was always into Seo thing. He also does coding stuff and technologies.

As you can see he didn’t want to show his real photos due to his SEO agency.

He is really great in what he is doing and we might have in future a little discount for his services.

Of course, if there will be many people interested.




Summarizing, we have a really great team of specialists and our mission is to make everything easy and possible for you.